Mogavero Architects

Celebrating 20 years

The architects and urban planners at Mogavero Architects have been recognized as thought leaders during their 20 year commitment to creating sustainable, livable communities. “For us, sustainability is not an after thought. It’s the core principle that the firm was founded on,” says Mogavero principal Craig Stradley.

Sustainability is not an after thought. It’s the firm’s core principle.

Initially, the firm’s founders were regarded as firebrands for their aggressive advocacy of sustainable design and smart growth principles. But what was once radical thinking has become main stream and the role that Mogavero has played as change agents is now widely acknowledged. As the firm celebrates its 20th anniversary, they continue to design and build humanistic environments that revitalize neighborhoods and cities by creating economically and ecologically sustainable communities.

Out-of-the-box thinking brought the firm’s founders together. David Mogavero, AIA, LEED AP established his architecture practice in 1979, designing eco-minded passive solar homes. Michael Notestine was assigned by the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency to help David finance 17th Street Commons, Sacramento’s first cooperative housing project. After leaving SHRA to found his own planning firm, Mike joined a multi-disciplinary consultant team, led by Mogavero, to prepare the Central Roseville Master Plan.

Building on their success, Mike and David joined forces with Craig Stradley, AIA, LEED AP, who had worked with David since 1986, and the three created Mogavero Notestine Associates in 1991.