Mogavero Architects

Del Paso Sport Park Complex

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This award-winning complex includes four night-lighted diamonds with press boxes and bleachers, with a seating capacity of seven thousand between the four diamonds. It is actively used for regional and national softball tournaments and by local leagues on weeknights. Sycamore trees spaced around the buildings provide an arched canopy offering a cooling oasis from the intense summer sun of the Central Valley.

The building acts as a highly-visible gateway to the complex and provides office space, a meeting room, a control center, and a lounge area.

The roof provides deep overhangs to shade the substantial glass frontage and doubles as an outdoor shade area, with outdoor seating for concession customers.

The building acts as a highly-visible gateway to the complex from the parking area, and provides office space for the complex manager, a meeting room, a control center for tournaments and a lounge / changing area for umpires.

The announcer booths / press boxes were designed as small, two-story structures overlooking each diamond with controls for the individual diamond’s scoreboards, public address and lighting systems.


In addition to the playfield area, the project includes a 500-car parking area and a bridge crossing the nearby creek. The concession building was designed as a freestanding restaurant for lease to private operators.