Mogavero Architects


David Mogavero, Senior Principal

David Mogavero is the Senior Principal of Mogavero Architects. He began his career designing naturally heated and cooled buildings over thirty years ago. David’s practice embraces the full range of progressive community design, such as high density mixed-use infill and holistic building systems, including daylighting, natural ventilation, passive heating and cooling, solar shading, water recycling, on-site energy generation and agriculture.

David’s roles as developer and environmental advocate help him conceive projects that are economically viable and sensitive to the community and the environment.

Through his professional practice, writings and lectures, service as past president and board member of the Environmental Council of Sacramento and the Planning and Conservation League, and current board member of the Council of Infill Builders, David has promoted the widespread adoption of sustainable building and smart growth practices and policies.

Craig Stradley, Principal

Mr. Craig Stradley, Director of Architecture and Principal at Mogavero Architects, brings more than 30 years of experience in design and urban planning to his work.

He has specialized in urban infill projects ranging from multi-family and student housing to complex retail and mixed-use developments.

Mr. Stradley enjoys working closely with clients to create projects that balance function and ef ciency with environmental and social concerns. He leads his team of designers with constant attention to the principles of humanistic environments and the creation of a unique sense of place for each and every project.

Renner Johnston, Principal

Renner became passionate about architecture while working in Europe and returned to the U.S. for a Masters in Architecture at the University of Oregon.

Joining Mogavero Architects in 1997, Renner shares the firm’s long commitment to green sustainable design. As Principal, he has designed and managed projects including infill, affordable and market rate housing, mixed-use, urban design and large solar arrays.

Renner has also worked on several master planning projects including, the Mather Campus Vision plan, Grass Valley Workforce Housing plan and the Baechtel Charrette for the City of Willits.