Mogavero Architects

Firm Culture

Mogavero Architects has an active, fun culture with an interesting combination of quirky, fun loving, family friendly, eco-urban minded professionals.

Many of our staff members bike to work, access nearby transit lines, or carpool, earning the label “green architect” while living what we promote in the work we do.

We live what we promote in the work we do.

As a group, we like to ski, hike, white water raft, take cooking classes, go to baseball games and play softball. We have company picnics in the summer and holiday parties in the winter. We also have an outdoor living room terrace with wifi and a great city view where we meet in small groups or take a break from our desks.

We take field trips to look at our work and the work of others. We encourage our staff to keep up with our continually evolving field by visiting sites and places of interest. Our senior staff mentor young professionals in their areas of expertise.

We encourage creative thinking and knowledge sharing at weekly team meetings so that we can all benefit from our collective experiences. We foster collaboration on design projects within the firm and with our consultants.