Mogavero Architects

Sierra Oaks Building


Mogavero Architects’ scope of work included tenant improvements for 15,000 square feet of office space. This project involved a two-story office building with parking provided on a subterranean level and at the first floor office level.

This building represents a practical response to the combination of an extremely tight site, typical parameters of cost and design for speculative office buildings, and rising SMUD electric rates.

The south and west walls are wrapped with a screen wall that serve two functions. It shades the clear untinted glass and provides surfaces which allow the non-heat- generating component of the sunlight to bounce back into the building, increasing the natural light level in the workspace.


Ecologically sensitive techniques were combined with products that also kept green principles in mind.

• Energy efficient design
• Infill site location
• Natural daylighting features
• Natural ventilation features
• Window shading
• 90% of the reinforcing bars were of recycled steel
• Construction/demolition waste programs were in force throughout the project.