Mogavero Architects

SMUD 59th Street Corporation Yard

Redevelopment of the 59th Street Corporation Yard is a very unique opportunity for SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District), the immediate neighborhoods and the Greater Sacramento Region.

SMUD has for decades been among the most engaged promoters of sustainable development practices in the region. That activity has logically been primarily in the realm of energy efficiency for buildings and process activity. With substantial changes in the economics for alternate energy generation and with state mandates for zero net energy in 2020 and 2030, the need for regional leadership in building energy efficiency has diminished. The need for leadership falls dominantly in the realm of reducing auto dependency. This is a need for which the Corp Yard Redevelopment is optimally positioned to address.

Correspondingly, the Light Rail System is completely contained within SMUD’s boundary. A corollary value for SMUD’s in promotion of transit oriented development is that it will increase the percentage of regional growth (ratepayers) captured within the district boundary.