Mogavero Architects

UC Davis Segundo Student Housing

Our concept for developing a community to house students in an enhanced academic and social environment was realized through the careful siting of the buildings relative to existing buildings as well as the site in context with its surroundings as a gateway to the Davis campus at large. Pedestrian circulation and common spaces in and out of doors provide opportunities for academic and social interaction as well as the opportunity to develop a corner of the UC Davis campus that had previously lacked identity.

Using natural light and air, the residence spaces in Segundo provide healthy environments in which to live and study.

Throughout the development of the program for the 92,000 square foot structure, our firm worked closely with a design committee as well as student housing staff to ensure that the project responded to the ever-evolving culture of University student housing. Central to the mission of student-oriented residences is the importance of community, therefore, the project was designed to embrace community at all levels: from the relationship between two roommates to student interaction with the campus as a whole by means of a central plaza, to the way the building relates to its neighbors.

Using natural light and air, modified by individual controls, the residence spaces in Segundo provide pleasant, healthy environments in which to live and study. The Segundo student housing project also addresses the social context of the space, maximizing the possibility for students to have choices about personal connection and privacy. The use of operable windows and shades for student residents in their rooms and common areas provide an important level of personalized comfort for residents and visitors alike.