Mogavero Architects

West Gateway Place

2017 Platinum Winner – NAHB’s Best in American Living Awards

2018 Gold Nugget Award of Merit – PCBC Best Affordable Housing Community

Comprised of studios, one and two bedroom residences, West Gateway Place is a 77 unit, family, affordable, mixed-use community in West Sacramento’s Bridge District. The buildings present an entry to the City of West Sacramento and the master planned Bridge District, that includes the Rivercats Baseball Stadium and downtown.

Located on the approach to the city’s famed Tower Bridge and the State Capitol, the buildings are the first significant structure upon entrance to the City. The alternating colors of the north elevation with deep shadows and white “fins” are intended to offer an interesting change of elevation.

West Gateway Place was the first affordable housing development to finish construction that was funded by “Cap & Trade” funding (California’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund) through the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program.

The mixed-use, infill development is located near public transit, bike paths, pedestrian walkways, shopping and other amenities that easily allows residents to be car-free, saving them money and sparing the air from pollution.

A strong tower element design at the corner of Tower Bridge Gateway (TBG) and Grand Street, along with an elevated café-retail terrace, welcome residents and visitors to the Bridge District’s west entry. The mixed-use building offers 4,000 square feet of retail space with dedicated parking tucked under the building directly connected to TBG.

Two buildings, each 4 stories tall, enclose a central courtyard with seating and a play area. Individual balconies, common laundry space, and the community room lounge open onto the courtyard to provide a healthy connection to the active spaces.