Mogavero Architects

Zettie Miller’s Haven

Zettie Miller’s Haven is a special needs housing development located on appoximately 2.15 acres behind the Union Southern Baptist Church in Stockton, California. The project provides permanent housing for people with a disability, including three special needs populations: people with developmental disabilities, people with mental illness, and people with long term chronic illnesses with an emphasis on seniors.

The buildings are generally three stories with “tuck-under” parking at the ground floor of the western and southern buildings. Tuck-under vehicle parking allows the site to be less dominated by parking, and shades many of the parking spaces.

The buildings are oriented around a common green that serves as a central focus for the entire community. A south facing terrace that is slightly elevated, looks over the green and provide for a tranquil sitting area.


  • Energy efficient design exceeds California’s Title 24 requirements by 15 percent
  • GreenPoint Rated Gold
  • Under-utilized infill location with existing transportation and services
  • Uses lanscaped bio-swales to reduce and improve quality of storm water run off
  • Uses “parking-sharing” by taking advantage of the staggered schedules of the adjacent church and management staff
  • Energy Star appliances Building geometry allows most of the units to have natural ventilation
  • Provides natural daylight on 2 sides of more than 75% of the residences
  • Careful placement of shading devices to minimize heat gain from sunlight
  • Providing roof geometry to allow for solar PV panels
  • 225 KW PV system generates most resident needs
  • Low VOC finishes