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Greetings from Code Hearings

It is 11:45 Memphis time.

Hearings today took an interesting turn. The morning we wrapped up Fire and Life Safety – largely with discussions about plastics in exterior building finishes. We skipped around a bit but went from FS. 160-15 to FS 183-15.

Of the 33 proposals discussed, 3 were approved unanimously, 4 by 85%, 1 by 65% 5 were unanimously rejected, 2 received 85% no, 3 almost passed, one was a tie broken by the Chair and one could not generate votes to pass or fail (1 was withdrawn).

Big items were a lot of related proposals by the Green House Manufacturer’s Assoviation (mixed results, but they made inroads and are now recognized as being something other than only a U occupancy – I am sure more in Long Beach.

There was also approval to have dormitories, fraternities, sororities, and lodging houses be included in both R2 and R3 depending on the occupancy.

Big news of the day was that all 6 occupied roof proposals went down in flames. We got some good feedback and have work to do, but I am sure we will get something approved in Long Beach.

I will keep you up to date tomorrow.


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