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How the 2024 CEBC Update Enables California Office Conversions 

The COVID-19 pandemic left a crater-sized hole in downtown office markets across the country and yet the reckoning is far from over. Vacancies are up, values are down and many assets inch closer to a painful refinance or possibly foreclosure. Can this market shift create opportunity for buyers and developers? A pending update to the California Existing Building Code looks to move the needle on the feasibility of Office to Residential conversions but will it be enough? Download our White Paper that explains these changes to learn more:

For over forty years, Mogavero Architects has designed buildings and communities with the goal to inspire sustainability and create places with meaning. Our award winning architecture, planning and urban design services have been provided to clients throughout California in small towns and intensely urban settings. 

As skilled facilitators and outreach consultants, we assist clients in project communications and approvals, gain support for controversial projects, and let community thought inform our designs.

Mogavero Architects’ LEED accredited professionals dedication to green, sustainable design has been demonstrated on projects since its inception. For a broad variety of economic, social and environmental reasons the practice focuses on dense urban infill mixed use projects. Our firm’s founders pioneered cutting edge, green building with an emphasis on passive heating and cooling and ventilation systems, daylighting and other natural conservation systems.

Mogavero Architects assess the context of the building on the site, position in the neighborhood, contribution to the built environment, and future purpose. Materials, methods, and technologies are continually evaluated with an eye towards enduring value, efficiency and acclaimed design. We thrive on complex projects that involve many product types, financing sources, and stakeholders.

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