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Maple Park Makes Rapid Progress


Our Maple Park project in Live Oak continues to make rapid progress, with an anticipated January, 2013 delivery date.  Grading is being completed and preparations for site paving are underway.  We are really pleased with how the bold colors and varying siding patterns give the buildings individual identity and character.  Even with copious details and notes on the plans, several transitions needed to be worked out in the field.  Siding transitions were resolved using fiber cement trim and panels, working with material patterns as much as possible.  In some instances, we chose to use a prefabricated metal corner to emulate an effect reminiscent of historic buildings in the region.  Many older buildings have much more variety in their use of siding and corner transitions which can’t be replicated today, but the metal corners we’ve used convey a similar language.  The general contractor, Sunseri, has been a pleasure to work with and have provided excellent, quality results on the building exteriors.


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