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Maple Park Project Makes Progress


Our Maple Park project in Live Oak continues to makes excellent progress, meeting schedules while overcoming typical construction period challenges.


Recently, we were challenged with keeping our cool roof strategy alive with proper ventilation of attic cavities.  While a common requirement for residential construction, most commercial buildings do not have ventilated attic cavities and use a cool roofing product to insulate the roof deck.  We designed an approach that uses a radiant barrier attached to the underside of the roof sheathing.  This reflects heat, but needs an air space to be effective.  To achieve this, we laid 2×4’s flat on top of the roof framing and are now ventilating directly through the roof for each structural region divided by the beams.  Not only will the roof reflect heat similar to a cool roofing product, but we are able to exhaust excess heat from inside the buildings as well.


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