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Mercy Pedalers Collects Donations

Over the last couple of weeks Mogavero Architects’ staff has been collecting socks, toiletry products, scarfs, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, cash and homemade baked goods. We delivered our collection of items to Mercy Pedalers at an event held this morning in Cesar Chavez Park to donate to the homeless community in Sacramento.

The event was well attended and the Mercy Pedalers staff was dressed in festive attire and led a parade of kazoo-ers around the park. Sister Libby Fernandez and the Mercy Pedalers staff and volunteers, with the help of KCRA’s Financial Expert Kelly Brothers, passed out donated items to homeless as they filled up donated backpacks and bags with much needed items.

Mogavero Architects was happy to help collect items for the homeless community. Thank you to Mercy Pedalers for the work they do in our community and organizing such a worthy event.

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  • Sister Libby is a saint.Mercy Pedalers work in the streets is hands on support for the neediest of people. Thanks to all the MA staff for their support.

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