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Mogavero Bicycle Commuters Take a Top Spot

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – JFK

Our staff took both the Top Trip and Top Mile Replacers for Sacramento Micro Employers for 2018’s May is Bike Month. With 521 trips and 1,357 miles logged during the month of May, our staff commuted to work and ran errands, replacing trips in a vehicle with riding their bicycles.

Many of our bike commuters agree that riding is not only good for your health, it provides a sense of freedom from traffic and the obligation of driving a car. Sahar, our staff’s top trip replacer, whose own pedaling accounted for a quarter of our total trips says “As a busy mom, without time for the gym, biking everywhere is my workout. It’s a great habit to teach my three-year old son, who loves being on the bike with me.”

To reward ourselves after all those miles, our staff arranged for velofix, a mobile bike shop to visit our office to provide some TLC to our bikes. Jack, our mechanic took care of us with some minor repairs and tune-ups.

Pictured with Jack at velofix, Dominic is also a daily bike commuter. “Biking is the most invigorating way to start my day. Our method of transportation is the single most important decision we can make when it comes to our carbon footprint. I bike to impact the world less. Besides, commuting in a car can be mindless, soul sucking and boring… biking is the exact opposite!”


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