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One of my favorite suburban master-planned projects is I’on in South Carolina, in the “Lowlands” near Charleston.


It’s an excellent  example of a New Urbanist project.   While it is unfortunately a “green field” development (not infill) and relies far too much on auto commutes, it is a beautiful place.  The buildings are traditional, but not afraid of innovation.  The streets are great to walk and there are excellent vistas set up to take advantage of the natural and less-natural features of the site.  I loved how the building sizes varied and how the “alleys” were nice enough for people to enjoy walking as well.  The pocket parks are interesting enough to make them destinations for a walk, but not too complex to over burden the HOA.


By the way, if you visit, definitely stop at the Hominy Grill for some shrimp and grits…Incredible!

– Renner

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  • Renner is right-this is a great development. I would add that there are charming small retail stores and a grocery that do not look contrived. Houses have nice porches that folks actually use to sit on. Charleston is beautiful but many of the houses are set back and have high fences. This development with its porches near the sidewalks has a real sense of community connection. Y’all should check it out and do make sure you go to the Hominy Grill. There is nothing like real low country southern food.

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