Mogavero Architects

1015 20th Street

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1015 20th Street is an urban infill renovation project, in the heart of Sacramento’s  Midtown district, with historic preservation criteria, seismic and structural updates, and significant changes in building purpose all wrapped into one through our holistic design approach.

The project consisted of renovation of a 70-year-old, 10,700 square foot mortuary building that is on the City of Sacramento’s Historic Preservation List. At the beginning of the project, this building was a one-story, masonry brick volume, with a historic façade directly addressing the street.

The building now has two stories of interior office space, with significant daylighting to create a pleasant and efficient working environment, nicely marrying current urban vocabularies with the subtly-enhanced historic façade. The seismic and structural retrofit work was  accomplished leaving the  historic character untouched, and integrates well with the contemporary æsthetics of the new rear steel stair, making this solution integral to the design rather than simply being added on.  Second floor area was created with the addition of a penthouse structure, designed to be in keeping with the building’s historic character, yet without being directly imitative or derivative in nature; this structure also allows for a contemporary interior feel with excellent daylighting.

Creative design solutions were required to provide seismic safety in the historic building with tight budget constraints.