Mogavero Architects

Lavender Courtyard

Mogavero Architects is proud to have designed Sacramento’s first LGBT-affirming affordable senior housing development. Located in vibrant Midtown — close to transit, downtown and nearby Lavender Heights — Lavender Courtyard by Mutual Housing California  provides 53 energy-efficient residential units for an aging population often displaced by rising housing costs and marginalized in mainstream senior facilities.

This project transforms a vacant and blighted lot into a place for community building and social service.

We believe sustainable design has the power to extend beyond the building envelope and into the heart and soul of community. Lavender Courtyard exemplifies the unification of housing and community building. The project offers a place of social service, meal delivery, community events, cultural heritage, social engagement, landscape, and energy production while providing a safe, and comfortable home for all its residents.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in place — regardless of income, identity, age or race. We welcome this new addition to our portfolio and much more importantly, to our community.



  • Supports healthy Urban Communities
  • Urban infill and transit oriented development
  • Designed around common rooms and a courtyard to enhance community and social engagement
  • Pedestrian and bicycle friendly
  • Ground floor common and commercial street frontage enhances economic opportunity and community interaction
  • Attractive, modern design
  • Promotes safety, comfort and liveliness for residents and neighbors
  • Reduced Impact on environmental resources
  • Focus on reduced energy consumption
  • Designed to achieve zero net energy
  • Designed to achieve rooftop solar PVs
  • Designed to achieve laundry-to-landscape graywater irrigation system
  • Water efficient landscape design
  • Passive solar design approach
  • Natural ventilation
  • On-site storm water management
  • Sustainable streetscape design