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Sacramento’s Housing Renaissance: Breaking Down Barriers for Affordable Living

The Mogavero team is back in Sacramento after an inspiring 3 days in Long Beach at the Housing California Annual Conference. We were privileged to be surrounded by California’s most ardent advocates for affordable housing and to connect with our cherished clients and friends.

Housing CA provides an impressive array of educational sessions, practical workshops and most importantly a space for hope and new ideas to approach California’s largest crisis.

A recurring theme of the week was identifying ways to remove the many barriers to affordable housing throughout the state. Sacramento is leading the way with its proactive and promising approach utilizing a “more of everything” housing strategy. This sentiment was echoed in a recent SF Chronicle article which identified some key changes Sacramento has implemented to streamline the process. 

Arguably, the most important change has been removing the politics from the building approval process. Instead, decisions are made by planning staff through a “ministerial” process, meaning if the building complies with code, it’s automatically approved.

As a result, Sacramento is experiencing a higher rate of housing construction per capita than any other region in California. Several of our projects are a direct result of this change; 1212 Del Paso, Salvator Apartments on Arden Way, and San Juan Apartments and 4995 Stockton on Stockton Blvd, to name a few.

As Sacramento continues to grow, it is heartening to see some of the obstacles to building affordable housing removed. With several projects on the horizon, we are proud to be involved in the Renaissance of Housing happening here in Sacramento.

Salvator Apartments
San Juan Apartments
1212 Del Paso

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