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New Life to Old Marshall School

The historic Old Marshall School in Sacramento will see revitalization thanks to a development partnership between Mogavero Architects and Bardis Homes.

Although the project is in its early stages, the Bardis Mogavero team has plans to redevelop the historic property, providing two new structures with housing and a community resource facility in the heart of Midtown Sacramento.

“It is an honor to work on the redevelopment of this very important community asset,” remarks David Mogavero. Developing a project that is sensitive to the character of this wonderful neighborhood, while being economically feasible and emphasizing the inherently sustainable lifestyle of dense urban living will be a fun challenge for the Bardis Mogavero partnership.”

Read more about the Old Marshall School redevelopment project in this article in the Sacramento News and Review.


  • Is this the school that folks have been lobbying to be turned into housing for teachers, so that they can afford to live in the catchment area?

  • Been years since any update was made on this development. Just heard a sale is pending. Can you please share any updates?

  • Does this development include the small, single story house adjacent to Marshall School (on the western side of the property?)

    If so, why is that property not fenced off from the public?

    There is one, and at times more than one itinerant drug user residing there — literally on the house’s front steps beside the sidewalk. He’s been there, or on the sidewalk on G street in front of Marshall School, for at least several months. He’s bearded, filthy, he carries drug paraphernalia, a heavy blanket, and he frequently destroys bushes, private property, and city property (he goes around pulling up the sewer grates). He’s high and / or mentally ill, is frequently indecently exposed with his pants down, and may very well carry concealed weapons (not uncommon).

    If the goal of this project is to develop this community asset in a way that’s winsome to the community and conducive to its health, needs, and flourishing, why are itinerants like this being allowed to call it home?

    A great place to start would be employing private security and or / fencing off the entirety of the property to prevent this. How else do you expect to win neighbors and community members over to whatever great idea you have planned for this site?

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