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Our Team

A firm is only as good as the company it keeps! At Mogavero Architects, teamwork is an integral part of our operation. Our staff brings a wide variety of special talents and skills to any project as well as a commitment to giving our clients comprehensive, sustainable, multi-disciplinary services. The culture of our firm is inclusive and client satisfaction is a core value. We encourage staff mentoring and cross training as well as collaborating with our clients on architecture, planning and development service projects. Close


Community Building

Communities start with people, and consensus building is an important part of what we strive for as we approach our work. We listen to stakeholder ideas and fold them into the design process so that the built environment is reflective not only of our own values, but of those who will use the spaces we are responsible for designing. When people have access to a sound decision-making process resulting in a community based plan, the likelihood that they will support new projects, and ultimately own and care for them, is greatly enhanced. Our firm has extensive experience in consensus building and collaborative decision making with public agencies, private organizations and individuals. Public participation in the planning and design process adds immeasurable value to the built environment. We typically facilitate collaborative efforts with neighborhood associations in addition to public and private organizations as we assist merchant builders, developers, government agencies and nonprofit organizations realize their project goals.



Our firm’s approach to design revolves around the support of positive interactions between people, their community, and their environment. We search for inspirational elements that provide a basis for our designs: from broad concepts to fine grained details. Using themes that include historic and cultural influences, neighborhood identity, or natural elements like climate and environment, we contribute to the definition and creation of community at varying levels while encouraging interaction with the projects we are asked to design. Everything Matters Mogavero Architects is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients, and the communities in which we work. We believe in facilitating smart growth and the development of sustainable neighborhoods that build better communities. As part of providing exceptional service, we are determined to provide exceptional value to our clients; throughout the design process we investigate each element carefully: this investigation minimizes expensive change orders later during the course of construction. We work with contractors throughout the estimating and bidding phases, and have had many opportunities to evaluate the accuracy of estimates on numerous projects. This experience shows us how to specify and detail construction programs to minimize bidding ambiguity and thereby produce projects that meet the allocated budget. In addition, regular team meetings are scheduled with all the consultants throughout the process for interdisciplinary coordination. Internally, the entire staff at Mogavero attends weekly office meetings to monitor all the work in the office. At this meeting project managers report on project schedules, coordinate and assign workloads, and familiarize staff with all projects; this allows the project team to easily grow during critical production points. We’ve developed in-house process systems that help us add value to our client’s projects: In-house charettes and design critiques In-house seminars on products and construction systems Specifications Committee Green Building Committee Professional development program for additional staff education Formalized project management



Building and development are a manifestation of the hope that is part of the spirit of life. Paolo Soleri called it “matter becoming spirit.” Realizing this transformation requires the understanding of two basic principles: the connection between a project, its place and the human spirit combined with exemplary management, production and communication systems. Every project has its own unique set of geographic, social, technical, political, ecological and economic conditions. Our goal is to clearly understand the basis of our design efforts. We think this approach provides a guide for projects to support individuals, families, communities and the environment at large.


About Mogavero

For nearly thirty years, Mogavero Architects has been building livable communities through award-winning architecture, planning and urban design. With an office located in Sacramento and projects throughout California, our team is comprised of passionate, committed professionals. We offer multi-disciplinary capabilities and extensive background in all aspects of design, planning, architecture, landscape architecture, development and community advocacy. We particularly enjoy projects that demand solutions that go beyond the norm. Our broad-based background and extensive relationships with California communities provide an exceptional resource for helping clients to materialize their goals.