Mogavero Architects

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Building and development are a manifestation of the hope that is part of the spirit of life. Paolo Soleri called it “matter becoming spirit.” Realizing this transformation requires the understanding of two basic principles: the connection between a project, its place and the human spirit combined with exemplary management, production and communication systems. Every project has its own unique set of geographic, social, technical, political, ecological and economic conditions. Our goal is to clearly understand the basis of our design efforts. We think this approach provides a guide for projects to support individuals, families, communities and the environment at large.


About Mogavero

For nearly thirty years, Mogavero Architects has been building livable communities through award-winning architecture, planning and urban design. With an office located in Sacramento and projects throughout California, our team is comprised of passionate, committed professionals. We offer multi-disciplinary capabilities and extensive background in all aspects of design, planning, architecture, landscape architecture, development and community advocacy. We particularly enjoy projects that demand solutions that go beyond the norm. Our broad-based background and extensive relationships with California communities provide an exceptional resource for helping clients to materialize their goals.