Mogavero Architects

Mather Veterans Village Phase One

Located just blocks from the Sacramento Valley VA Hospital, the first phase of the Mather Veterans Village helps to address the large need for service-supported housing for low-income, disabled veterans in the Northern California region.


The project is designed to be at least 25% better than California’s energy code and Green Communities certified.

The first phase includes 50 residential units, and occupies the south west section of the site. The building is a “C” shaped, 3-story building that wraps around a shared green space and courtyard. All of the units are connected by an elevator-accessed walkway that also serves as a shared balcony to encourage socialization of this special needs population.


This “single loaded” exterior walkway also provides the residents with the opportunity to use cross ventilation for cooling the units by catching Sacramento’s prevailing winds and the “Delta Breeze.” The building is being designed with maximum energy efficiency and best green building practices like central hot water and a solar thermal array.

All landscape irrigation will be generated from on site greywater. The project is designed be at least 25% better than California’s energy code and Green Communities certified.

Amenities for the residents include a community room, computer terminals, extensive on-site services and well as significant outdoor courtyard.

MATHER SITE_modified 5-12-14


  • Greywater from showers and lavatories provide virtually all landscape irrigation
  • Three solar thermal arrays provide the hot water for all units
  • Radiant Barrier
  • Enterprise Green Certified and Energy Star Building Certified
  • Natural ventilation
  • Low VOC materials
  • Sun shading
  • On-site storm water management
  • Designed around common area courtyard and community building
  • Special needs services
  • Excellent proximity to VA Hospital
  • Bike friendly
  • Water Efficient Landscape Design
  • Reused Old Military Infirmary Building for community space