Mogavero Architects


The project very concretely accomplishes the goals of the “Downtown Specific Plan” with new residential development, facilities to support the entertainment district, and enhancement of the civic core with restaurants, and retail. The Mercy Housing development is located on one of the catalyst sites identified by the city of Roseville as priority for implementation of their Downtown Specific Plan.

The project consists of a building that is 4 stories over subterranean parking for a total of 58 residential units. The central outdoor court, and the first floor common area have many amenities for the residents. In addition, there is about 2,500 square feet of commercial space.

Overall the project has been designed to intensify the development footprint along Vernon Street in Roseville’s Dowtown. The design emphasizes a more substantial urban scale with larger volumes and more formal brick materials. The building height along the streets is increased along Vernon and Bulen Streets to provide a catalyst for transitioning to a more urban district.

The design diminishes in scale as it moves from Vernon Street to the alley to recognize the lower scale of the existing uses across the alley and the lowering of the land elevations towards the alley. This is accomplished by reducing the number of stories, and scale of volumes.

150 feet of the 235 linear feet of Vernon Street’s frontage has commercial and active common areas. The corner of Vernon and Bulen Streets has a very generous space for outdoor café seating at the ground.

The retail spaces are setback 5 feet from the sidewalk with a projected canopy above to allow for outdoor sales or additional café seating. The building management office space provides excellent surveillance of the street, building access circulation and common areas.

Associated with the main entry to the residential community would be a space that will function for community events such as art shows. This space can be expanded to include the foyer, multipurpose room, or circulation space for displaying art for special occasions such as the monthly art event in downtown.

The residential units have been designed to have maximized light quality and natural ventilation with maximum depths of 28 feet and a very large percentage of corner units. All units will have mechanically augmented nighttime ventilation cooling to take advantage of the cooler nighttime summer temperatures.