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Erin Reschke Appointed to Planning Commission

Kudos and congratulations to Erin Reschke on being appointed to the City of Sacramento Planning Commission!

Erin’s longstanding commitment to fostering positive change within our community is invaluable. She brings a unique breadth of knowledge to the table and joins a prestigious legacy of Mogavero Architects who have had a hand in shaping our great city while in this role: Alix Ogilvie, and the late Michael Notestine who dedicated 21 years to the planning commission.

Erin has actively participated in the transformation and growth of our city as an architect and Sacramentan for over 20 years. She has worked with over a dozen planning and development agencies across the state allowing her to work with various zoning codes and people in leadership roles at California cities.

Erin’s dedication to sustainability is evident in her personal and professional life. A year-round bicycle commuter and former co-housing resident Erin lives her values. She has spent time in various realms of advocacy in Sacramento including responsible infill development, active transportation, affordable housing, urban agriculture, nature connection and green building in a carbon-constrained future. Erin is eager to bring her unique background and insights to the planning commission.

Sacramento has made significant strides to increase affordable housing construction through a ministerial process. This has allowed projects that effectively meet code standards to bypass political interference. Therefore, The planning commission can focus on more varied and pressing matters including local general plan, specific plans, rezonings, use permits and subdivisions.

Congrats, Erin!

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