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Sacramento’s First LBGT Senior Housing is Coming to Midtown


I’m super excited to be working on a new project just a 4-minute bike ride, 10-minute bus ride, or 15-minute walk from our office in Lavender Heights — the hub of Sacramento’s LGBT community in what some (or at least I) would say is the heart of Midtown. Lavender Courtyard by Mutual Housing is transforming vacant / blighted land into 50+ new energy efficient homes for low-income senior LGBT family and friends.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in place regardless of income, identity, age or race.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in place — regardless of income, identity, age or race. And though the world is much more tolerant than when these civil rights heroes were blazing the trail towards marriage equality, the world is still not perfect. LGBT seniors have higher rates of depression, experienced bullying and social exclusion in many mainstream senior facilities. Lavender Courtyard is poised to be an oasis — a place where residents can escape an often cruel outside world and age in place feeling safe, comfortable and accepted. Not to mention, this project looks really good.

If you would love to learn more about the project then read this article Developers Submit Plans for Unusual Midtown Housing Project posted on the Sacramento Business Journal website.


  • Where is the development because it’s a LGBT couple on the streets of downtown Sacramento who has been begging for housing? However they keep getting turned down looking for housing because they are in a gay relationship . On Dec 17th, 2020 they had to pack up in move in the middle of the night because their lives was threaten due to them being in a gay relationship. Now the area they moved into is very Dangerous near a busy intersection . The guys Billy and Howard have not been able to get any type of shelter. Doors keep closing in their faces!! The area they are and now, their tent inside is soggy, wet and muddy. These two are seniors citizens with many health issues . Please! Please! reach out to me today so these people can have a nice warm bed to sleep in for Christmas. My name is Vanessa Sullivan’Nelson.My phone number is 916-307-7290 I am a single grandmother raising three granddaughters it is only so much I can do. I have been willing to put them up in a hotel for one week.Both said it would be devastating been able to stay in a warm place and having to get back out on the street with all their belongings so they prefer to stay on the street until they can get permanent resident RV able to stay at a place much longer than one week please help me to help him thank you greatly appreciate it Vanessa Sullivan Nelson. (916) 307-7290.

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