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Regulating development: Episode One

After years of building projects and years of advocacy for better planning for our regional community, I wonder whether the classic notion of “urban planning” is a workable format...


Construction begins on affordable housing project in Live Oak, California

Maple Park is the first affordable housing project to be completed in Live Oak in over 20 years. 30 post World War II duplexes were demolished to make way for...


Governor Brown must focus on the real cause of cities’ ills

While mayor of Oakland, Gov. Jerry Brown attempted to jump-start the construction of substantial new housing downtown. He found it tough going for many reasons, including challenges brought under...


HMG & Mogavero win SMUD Zero Energy Consulting Contract

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) recently released requests for proposals for Zero Energy Building Research and Development Consulting.   The main goal of this research is to provide support...


Happy Halloween from Mogavero!

Every year at Halloween, a portion of the crew here come to work in costume; this year (as in many years past) most of us felt the spirit enough...


Turns out where you live can affect your health

I found this study done by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to be very intriguing….and sobering. Article at Being somewhat of a health and fitness enthusiast,...


NiceRide Bike System: We need this in Sac!

I had the opportunity to use this new automated bike rental system in Minneapolis this weekend. See attached photos. Members can use the bikes FREE for 30 minutes with...


Our firm’s new site – woo hoo!

Okay, so woo-hoo sounds a little sarcastic; in fact I’m really happy to see this come to its fruition: there are some dark elements to this joy here or there,...


Senior Bios

David Mogavero, Senior Principal David Mogavero is the Senior Principal of Mogavero Architects. He began his career designing naturally heated and cooled buildings over thirty years ago. David’s practice...


Good Videos

Overview of the Good Project, LJUrban and MNA, featuring Craig Stradley, AIA Discussion of Good project from MNA Junior Designer and Good resident Gerard Falla